Virgin Territory

The Virgin of Numa

I unearthed this rare treasure from my depths recently. I gave form to it using oils, fine Italian paper and and a magical process involving mechanical pressure  and motion.

She was brought into being via a rapturous dance of spontaneity and consideration action and reflection.

Behold The Virgin of Numa.





February Brings The Snow


Spring is on the way and that means growth, creativity, new wonders manifesting and abounding.

Not everyone appreciates art and hand made items but I do which is why I decided to keep this recent drawing made as a card for someone.

They still got a card and my warm sentiments and I got this to brighten up my mantelpiece. Winners all!

Mixed media pastels and acrylic on acrylic paper.






It was one of those cold grey late January days where the urge to burrow deep in hibernation mode was strong. I only left my cocoon to forage for food.

Late on in the day the impulse to Google myself landed on me and I indulged. I was met with this charming appreciation of my artistic efforts by comedy legend Johnny Vegas who bought my painting pictured above back in September of last year.

The painting is titled Siesta and is acrylic on canvas..

The entire episode held magical qualities and proved my manifesting skills are on the up.

Turning in but getting smug over a recent arty purchase. After a park day with the boys a wee while back in Dublin I succumbed to my old hoarding temptations & dragged them along to a car boot sale. Suzie McCormack sold me that canvas & its made me smile ever since #iloveyouart

— Johnny Vegas (@JohnnyVegasReal) November 15, 2019


In An Ideal World


I visited the Paris 2019 Outsider Art Fair in October. It was a deeply moving and revelatory experience for me.  I saw myself there on the walls in the intensely powerful decorations on cardboard fragments, in the bold colourful otherworldly creatures that appeared like totems. Confronted with all that preternaturally familiar magic I encountered a people with whom I share a tongue.

The New York fair is on this week and although I will  not be present in person or on the walls in a grander sense I am.

Thanks to the kindly manager in my local recylcing centre who supplies me with paints and other gifts I have been having a productive and fructified beginning to 2020.  My studio is teeming with life and delightful forces.

I wish you all a year that brims and sings with joyful creative enterprises.







Conjunction marks balancing point between the forces of the Anima (Soul) on the alchemist’s right side to the forces of the Spiritus (Spirit) on the alchemist’s left side

My painting titled Conjunction is currently on show at The Model in Sligo as part of The Cairde Arts Festival. I am delighted to be included in such a terrific exhibition and recommend all art lovers to go and see it.


Modern Primitive


I like my art. I love the feeling I get when my creation reflects and speaks back to me that which I need to hear. It is mysterious and wondrous and words have little place in the process. It is fuel for me to see myself reformed on paper or on canvas and I keep going.

It seems sometimes that I am the main appreciator of my art which could create despondency if I let it.

Instead I continue the magic by breathing life into them and the favour is always returned

Mixed media.