Cypriot Bulls in fired clay.

IMG_4339 Day one. June 17.

I’ll start with this. My mother and child, Mutti und Kind pair of bulls. I made them back in 1999 or thereabouts and I was then and am still very pleased with how they turned out. I modelled them in clay using an image from a book of Cypriot art as inspiration. I’ve always been drawn to the primitives. I find it connects me to my earlier self. Ceramic sculpting is a good medium for channelling this side of me as it involves direct contact with the earth.

I love making art of animals. They will feature a lot in this project. I like to capture their purity and simplicity. I’m satisfied with how I managed to evoke a maternal bond between the mother and her young. This piece involved some fine detailed work in modelling the faces as I was working in quite a small scale. This was challenging and  involved great attention in the drying phase as the small parts can dry quickly and fall off before firing.  (the pieces are approx 3.5″ and 5″in length).

They now sit proudly in the lounge. Glazing  was somewhat experimental I used a mix of iron ore painted on with a brush. It was most effective result in giving the piece an aged look. They are photographed here on a background of of cream coloured card. The dramatic lighting was achieved with a household lamp.


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