Primitive figure with pot. Fired clay.


Day 2.

Today’s piece is a sculpture. I made it at the Trinity Arts Workshop which I attended for years down on Pearse St. and later when it moved to Goldsmith House. I have such great memories of those sessions. We were free to create anything we liked and the atmosphere was always of a convivial and relaxed industriousness.

IN this instance the clay had a textured sandy quality which is good for creating larger works. The piece is approximately 10″ tall. The clay is dense and holds weight ideal for more upright pieces when working without an armature.

I remember working on this piece. I struggled with it considerably.  I part loved and part loathed it. The contradiction between it being a monstrous yet benign figure was uncomfortable and it awoke something foreign in me that I couldn’t name or understand.  It was with much encouragement that I managed to complete the project enough to fire it. The experience: the inspiration and execution was akin to some kind of compulsion or possession.

It was my frankenstein. I took him to one of the my stalls and felt again strange mixed feelings as I agreed to his sale. This time it was pride and regret when his new owners delightedly carried him away. This is the only picture I have of him taken in Dublin Flea just before I offered him up. I hope he bears  treasure for many moons to come.


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