Summo Wrestler in fired clay

Day 3. IMG_4342

Another ceramic piece. This is an early attempt at sculpture. It was made at home on the kitchen table before I started attending classes at The Trinity Arts Workshop. My mother Selma McCormack is a talented painter and sculptor and it was at home watching her work where my interest was born.

It was a great place to begin! Have a go she’d say and it was hard to refuse seeing the how the work absorbed her.

I wanted to make a summo. It was a good subject to model as it is bottom weighted which makes working without an armature possible. The inspiration also came from a bizarre rhyme or song that I learnt in school as a child called The Pigtail which I oddly and inaccurately always associated with a summo.

I made it quite quickly I think in one or two sessions with some guidance from my Mom. I made him in a seated position  I wanted to include legs create the impression of the summo stance.  It was a lot of fun to make and I was pretty happy how he turned out. The front is his good side. My attempts to model the back weren’t as successful he lacked the necessary girth from from front to back. A lesson learned.

As you can see from the picture there has been some damage with loss of part one foot prior to firing and the other last and stuck back on after being fired. Poor fellow took several tumbles from being perched at the edge of bookshelves. If I were to reattempt him I’d give him a support below.


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