Cloth Doll

Photo on 22-12-2014 at 17.39 #2 Photo on 22-12-2014 at 17.58 #2

Day 4.

I am posting early today as I will be out this afternoon and am keen not to miss a day when I’ve been doing so well here.

Introducing The lady in pink feathers. From ceramics to doll making anything to keep life interesting.

I made this as a Christmas present for my beloved two year old niece Emily last year. It was coming close to the 25th and I hand’t found the correct gift for her. It was on a horrid wet cold saturday faced with the prospect of trudging through town with limited funds that I  was inspired to do some handicrafts. I’d never made a doll before but my stint in the Grafton Academy I knew enough to make a pattern and stitch it together.

basic materials

  1. Pillow case
  2. stuffing from an old pillow
  3. needle
  4. thread

I drew the outline on to the folded pillowcase with felt pen then I pinned the two sides together before cutting carefully around the outline. The sewing by hand was the most difficult part. I needed the stitches to be secure and strong enough to withstand child play so I used a double stitch over the top reinforcing it at several points. I made sure to leave enough of an opening to stuff the foam through. The job of sewing stage took several hours to complete and towards the end my finger tips were hurting but I enjoyed it hugely. Far more satisfying than traipsing about Dublin in a soggy panic.

Filling up the body with foam was so exciting as I could see the thing taking shape. The thrill of seeing the limbs and torso gaining fullness and form and a doll’s body emerging was real (I’m playing down my delight here).

I filled and shook the figure until I’d achieved a nice solid soft toy that didn’t flop. Upon examination I saw that she was no cindy Crawford in physique. A bit Jeff Capes about the shoulders but I was certain Emily wouldn’t notice or mind too much.

Finally I set to dressing her. I excelled here as I should. I kitted her out with removable white socks. black shoes like the dolls of old. From my kit bag I unearthed magical treasures and transformed my burly baby into a Cinderella. It is amazing how one can find use for the oddest items.

I finished her off with an over the top feather head band and made her some features. Button eyes, felt Clara Bow lips and lucsious black tresses, well in a child’s mind they would be.

I come from a long line of crafters and artist’s and in making this toy doll I sensed a kinship with all the females in my family who’d spent many a happy hour engaged in similar toil. Its good to keep the flame burning!


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