Seagull (Pastels)

IMG_0002Day 5.

I also work in two dimensions mostly with pastels, oil and chalk. I like both. Oil is easier less messy and it does not require fixing but dry pastels feel so good against quality cartridge paper. Drawing line I find difficult but working with colour I see as similar to sculpture somehow. Working in pastels involves mixing and building material and involves physicality that I find freeing. I find my right brain is more engaged  the more physically involved I am to the material.

This is a drawing I did during my London years. The subject is a stuffed seagull a vey beautiful one that I got for my flat. It is a personal treasure and I am satisfied I did it justice here.

Special paper textured for chalk pastels in a grey tone. It is nice to use coloured paper because it takes white. The textured paper made it easier to create the feeling of feathers with grey coming through underneath worked well in demonstrating the tones of the bird’s plumage.

I choose to keep the palette simple. Mostly naturalistic in tone except for the charge of pink which I used to to compliment the background.

I started with the head before realising the scale would not allow for the full portrait but I am happy with how it sits on the page. It has the feel of a formal portrait to me. Its high time I framed him and put it on display.


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