Real Tears (Pastel)

IMG_0007   Day 6.

Today’s choice is another drawing in pastels. It was done during the same period as the previous entry Seagull while I was living in a tiny studio in Highgate, north London.I guess I would describe it as an imaginative composition.

I created this simple composition using strong bold colours with the use of black as an outline to create a dramatic effect. The white of the page contributes a lot to the overall impact of the colour arrangement. It features animal motifs with a surrealist quality e.g. crying parrot and a blue cat . The cat escaping to the foreground appears light and mischievous in contrast to the despair of the parrot. Perhaps it is a subconscious representation of different aspects of my psyche.

I am a huge fan of Paul Klee and Marc Chagall and would be greatly inspired by their works. I see a beautiful folk quality in both their painting although they differ greatly.  Animals feature a great deal in all my artistic endeavours . I feel kinship with the unspeaking creatures.  I like the mythical qualities that animals can represent in art and I attribute great significance to my dreams. This was quite an instinctual work done with out planning or any preconceived ideas.

This is only a section of the entire work but I think it works very nicely reduced to these two elements. Of my own work is  is one of my favourites.I didn’t overwork it. It is sharp and simple and I see harmony in both the form and colours used.


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