Wolf Studies (charcoal and pastel)


Day 7.

More animals. These are just some rough sketches I made of a wolf. I was interested in studying the basic shapes and forms that make a wolf, looking at it from various angles and actions. I used images from the internet to get a very basic idea. It is more of an impression than a study . The decision to add the moon and some blue was an after thought . It is a very rough bunch of sketches but it has some energy to it.

I hope it to use it to work from at a later date as I like the subject of the wolf for some of the following reasons they are mysterious, nocturnal and they have a strong association with the moon. When I think of it I will attempt more detailed sketches to familiarise myself better with the anatomy of this wondrous beast.

As you can see It is a messy sketch  full of smudges. I find it hard to keep my drawings clean and even more so with charcoal as it requires some care and precision which I have yet to master. I will make a point to practice in charcoal to improve my handling of it hopefully in the coming days.


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