Untitled (Pastels)


Day 9.

This I’d describe as a semi abstract imaginative composition. It features a city scape with burning buildings in a sinister ominous apocalyptic scene.

At first I drew in the crow naturalistically and added in the setting afterwards. I often work that way, I take a motif which inspires a mood or feeling and work in the mood freely  until I feel I’ve hit a balance. It is a delicate process and many works created in this way are yet unfinished perhaps because they are a process of a state and the work stop when the state passes. Sometimes though the state allows for a complete execution on the page and when this happens it feels like magic.

There is a dreamlike quality to some of the pictures I’ve created using this method. As in a dream elements are distinct and recognisable and others less so but hold more of a feeling quality to them. I like blending and fusing the lines between semi naturalism and abstract drawing.

Crows represent the harbingers or sentinel  to me. They are also scavengers. I used to walk on Hampstead Heath a lot where the crows would gather in hundreds at dusk signalling it was time for me to head home. It was thrilling and haunting to hear their cries in such large numbers as the park emptied out.

They are a highly intelligent specie full of mythic and symbolic qualities of a dark and knowing variety.

There are some graphic elements to the picture also. The buildings are drawn in a comic book style. I used some experimentation imaging a Gotham scape in my minds eye to help me and  surprisingly it achieved the desired result.


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