Meteorite (Pastels)


Day 10.

Simple drawing of a bull in the night alone under a large bright star. I was playing with colour and motif here.

The bull’s heart is as big as the star.

Flash of energy and motion in the picture the tail flying the motion stripes give a certain dynamism to the image.

The bull, a symbol of masculine power is shown here with his heart ablaze.  Contrast of elements bull shown solid and earthly next to a single cosmological entity.

Childlike five-pointed drawing of the star appears massive it could be a shooting star a meteorite about to fall with the bull’s heart bursting out from its chest.

The basic crude quality of the picture lacks a great deal but there isbeginning of a story in it. If other elements had been present  the integration between land and skyIt suffers as there not enough of interest for the eye to feed on. There is too much bull, no context no sense of place to hold it which flattens the image.

I think the colours work nicely together I see an the atmosphere that is dark but not forbidding.

It is a good exercise to post work that I am not wholly satisfied with. It is a challenge but gets me to examine my work with some detachment while seeing how I could improve It  also serves in helping me to accept that some creations work better than others.


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