Reclining Nude (Pastels)


Day 11.

This is a study I made of a painting I bought myself. The very first original painting I’ve ever bought. The original is beautifully striking. It was hanging up on the wall in a charity shop in Highgate and I instantly knew I had to have it and so I did. It hung for 3 years in my tiny studio in London and now I sit looking at it on the wall opposite my bed here in Dublin.

I feel exactly the same about it as I do when I first saw it.

I like it for so many reasons the original the colours are wonderful vibrant and energising. My rendition of the image in the above example, I have made several versions is close to the ordinal in the colour scheme. I was restricted to ready made colours from a box of pastels turquoise limes contrasting reds and oranges have eastern flavour to them.

I love the original as it is flawed the perspective is off in the body the planes of the woman are inconsistent for example the hips are almost vertical while the her torso is flattened and more horizontal. It doesn’t take from the exquisite effect of sublime relaxation and warmth of the overall image. I always find that perfection lies in the flaws. Its paradoxical but that is how I see the world.

My version is a little different. I’ve drawn the figure in a more angular fashion. I have given her more amazonian physique. It is interesting to see how one’s interpretation of another artist’s work what I brought into it that wasn’t already there.

The subject matter and the composition I kept it is the rendering of it that makes it quite different.

I’ve included a tiny fragment of the original here below. IMG_1130


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