Reclining figure 2. (Acrylic)


Day 12.

Moving from pastels into painting by means of a variation of the same work. This is from a painting I made of the drawing as shown in yesterday’s post reclining nude( pastel). A reinterpretation of my own take on the work of another. I photographed the full painting and then cropped it down to just the face which works well as an image in itself. The result I would describe as semi abstract in style

Through the use of different a media and a variety of methods media I ended up with a very lovely work which was far from what I started out doing. This is the product of exploration and development reached after a number of stages.

The colours are very powerful. The rich contrast of warmer reds and yellows in their primary tones set against the blue and green light against dark has a pleasing harmony. The partial black outline creates balance of tone and form between the face and the background.

I like how there is a lovely watery quality to the brushstrokes reminds me of paint dissolving in water through a glass. I have an idea that I would love to make a screen print of this image on vey fine fabric the watery quality lends itself to fine translucent material. Maybe some day I will.


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