Southern Gothic (Acrylics)


Day 13.

Another painting.

A figurative work also inspired very closely from the work of another artist. The original painting was in a wonderful  museum in New Orleans. Ogden Museum of the Southern Arts. A captivating venue filled with rich and inspiring treasures. It held a great deal of folk art which I adore art of the region I was deeply moved by my visit and would highly recommend visitors to the city to tap the into such an incredible resource. I often find art museums to be staid sterile experience this one had a decidedly different effect on me there. The building felt alive with stories and energy.

I took several photographs from my visit. It was inspiration overload.

I made this painting from a photo of a very powerful painting in that same museum. It stayed with me and I returned to the photo many times until eventually I felt the need to paint it myself.

This was my first canvas. Bought on the cheap in Tiger along with some cheap acrylic paints and brushes. The painting took several days. I enjoyed working on it a great deal.

I made a good fist of getting the colours I wanted early on and managed to recreate them again on subsequent days to a satisfactory degree.

The image both my version and the original is of a dark nature. The figures are solemn and the female on the right is ghostly a scary lady as my niece described her. A different outsider Gothic America.

It also speaks to me of a famous Irishman his wife and beloved daughter. I see James Joyce and Lucia in the pair on the left and in the spirit of Nora apart from them.

Here is my painting at a very early stage


And here is the original work. Sadly I did not take note of the artist. If anyone happens to chance by here and know of this work I’d hugely appreciate the artist’s name and the title of the work.



2 thoughts on “Southern Gothic (Acrylics)

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