Fox Love (Acrylic)


Day 16.

What have I got today then? I have a painting for you. An imaginative semi abstract work done in acrylics on card. This along with The Subterranean,  Backyard and Southern Gothic is from my stay in Malaga. I was hit hard with inspiration. The combination of the extraordinary light and the city’s incredible artistic heritage had me turning the kitchen into a studio and I’m so happy to share some of the results with you in this blog.

Picasso was born in a house a short distance from my apartment.  Every day I’d pass by the statue of him seated in the Plaza de la Merced. It always made me smile. Allegedly he played football in the same square until the family moved north to Barcelona. He was in his tenth year.

I spent many comfortable quiet hours doing looking through art books and doing research in the Picasso foundation which stands in the same place where the Picasso home was originally. It is a wonderful resource and I so welcomed having that air conditioned room with a view to escape the white hot siesta hours. The staff were always incredibly helpful and polite making it a pleasure to visit in every respect.

I discovered some beautiful books about other artists in the library: Henri Rosseau, Max Ernst and Paul Klee in particular provided food for my imagination.

My painting features a fox, a tree and some pink flowers. I did little mixing of colour here and used hardly any water which  is how I got such vivid colours. Primary blue and red are the dominant colours. The fox is a favourite creature of mine. Often alone, a  nocturnal beast he scavenges and adapts to harsh environments to stay alive. In dreams he is said to be a symbol of instinct or possibly he acts as guide.


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