Garden study 1(Pastels)


Day 18.

This is a study of the back garden over which my little Highgate sanctuary looked out upon. I did several drawings of my Malaga garden and likewise it was a preferred subject of mine when living in London.

I spend a great deal of time looking out of windows. It is an occupation of mine. I’m drawn to the light, I need to be in its path. I’m catlike that way. I fantasise about window seats, about having the perfect perch to observe and absorb the day.

This drawing was done in high summer. Many of the trees in the garden were coniferous but in summer all sorts of shrubs and wildness burst forth in a lush disorderly canopy.

Despite spending such long hours gazing at the plants I found them very difficult to capture. So much going on the movement of my eye up an down constantly plus the added challenge of there being little to train and hold the eye in the subject. It felt a bit like doing one of those massive jigsaw puzzles of a seascape or lilly pond. I went for a more impressionistic approach. I didn’t draw out the scene but used my materials in this instance to create a sense of growth of density and texture by applying colours of varying hues next and near to each other in a sort of frenzy.

Also the picture was done over several days which means there would have been changes   taking place as I created it. A sort of life study of nature. A brief record of progression or  manual time lapse.


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