Garden view (pastels)


Day 19.

This is the second study of my back garden in north London. A year after my first attempt I revisited the subject and from a similar spot in my studio gave it another try. We all know repetition is an invaluable tool for improving any skill.

This time around I concentrated mostly on the back end of the yard. Behind the wooden fence ran an old partly used railway line. I never fully discovered what purpose it served but I enjoyed the old fashioned engine sounds as the carriages pulled in and out sporadically.

On the other side of the railway line lay Highgate Woods. A vast expanse of woodland that sloped down to the village of Muswell Hill. Highgate is a beautiful part of London to live in. The air was always fresh and light and the traffic sounds were dulled by the woods which spilled out in three directions from the tube station on Archway road.

I employed a similar approach here as I did doing Garden study 1. I used the materials to create the impression of lushness growth in high summer. I learned that the key to it lies in following the direction of the growth in the application of material. I enjoyed working a great deal on the foliage. It was a fun and experimental process creating colours, shadows and then building it up to create a sense of abundance. The trunks of trees I found more difficult. The trees required more structured and definite lines which is something I find challenging.


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