Singer not the song (Pastels)


Day 20.

This is a drawing I made of a famous singer in pastels, the messy chalky ones. Perhaps you can tell who it is or perhaps not. I don’t know if I’d be able to recognise her if someone else showed me this .

I made the drawing from a video. I did a bit of this for a short while. Drawing from moving images. Video is hard because its edited so much. I tried drawing talking heads on the news as well. It involves working rapidly making multiple impressions of the same person very similar to drawing blind as it involves keeping ones eye on the subject while the hand makes the marks. It strengthens the connection between eye and and hand and I was told that illustrators practice their drawing this way. I must make use of this technique more as it is both challenging and freeing at the same time.

As usual I restricted myself to a limited palette and deliberately went for wildly unnatural colours in keeping with the drawing which is quite abstracted.

Here is a clue to the subject’s identity. Her old band were named after a condiment.


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