Untitled collage.


Day 21.

This piece does not belong in a phase or series. It happened and that was that. It came about in what I would describe as a play session of making and creating. I was on a course  and of the two weeks I attended the day I made this was the highpoint.

I remember it well. A group of all females sat about in a big room filled with natural light. We sat in groups around circular tables and had before us an assemblage of fun tools for our experimental pleasures. Markers, crayons, scissors, card, magazines, glue and other gear.

There was some loose guidance by the teacher in the form of exercises and demonstration or perhaps it was more structured than that but the thing I remembered was an enormous sense of freedom.  My participation on that occasion was as close to the childlike states of my earliest creating as I can remember.

Pure enjoyment of action and of expression combined. Play. Magic.

It was a celebration of creativity. The result is abstractly apt.


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