Roof top (Mixed media)


Day 23.

This blog requires editing. I am aware that one hundred is an ambitious goal considering how sporadic I tend to be in making art. The decisions about what to include and what not to are based on many factors. The degree to which I consider a piece complete is sometimes a factor but then again some unfinished works I still feel are worthy of inclusion in that a part of the work is complete or has says enough in its current state.

I am conscious too of showing work that pleases while also reflecting on pieces that have flaws but are still favourable. Overcoming my perfectionism is one of the main reasons for undertaking this project. It is a very difficult to display parts of ourselves that don’t measure up completely and by only showing our best sides we neglect those areas that so need developing and encouragement.

In almost all things it is the mysterious blend of beauty and its opposite that causes a quickening in the soul. I always found that films with a score of 3.5 or 4 out of 5 stars are better than the all star awarded for this very reason. Without a slight element of weakness or excess the essential friction is absent in the whole.

This drawing of rooftop in Malaga is full of flaws. The perspective is very poor and not by

I was filled with doubts about this drawing but something in it the spaciousness and the delicate touches to the tiles pleased me enough so I added a mount and have included it here as a shining example of seeing the mixed merits in my creations.


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