Wolf’s Clothing (Mixed media)


Day 25.

This blog has been good for me in so many ways. My diligence and discipline are improving with every entry. I am developing a necessary detachment to my own work. I am opening up my potential as I see better where and how I can improve my talent.

The greatest benefit in undertaking a personal art blog is the massive rewards of being exposed to new artists and writers who share and their work in blog format. Since the beginning and with every post I make I receive likes and followers from gifted artists, writers, poets and other creatives giving me the opportunity to visit their sites and become inspired by their vision.

This nourishes me enormously and reminds me of who I am and what I am about. In times of stress or even excitement it is easy to become distracted and and swept up in may concerns but it is in seeing art and its making that reminds me of what and who I am. It is the language of my soul and I feel grateful every time I am reminded of that.

The generosity is huge and the support from other creators is a creative force in itself. I am inspired by the excellence and the range of styles of expression I come across every day and by participating in the exchange I feel a sense of belonging and kinship that I had long been seeking.

Today’s work is in mixed media. It was done in collaboration with a couple of others in a class exercise a couple of years ago. I made the initial markings and which the others added to. There is a dark fairy tale aspect to it and It has a furious energy.


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