Playa de la Malagueta. (Pencils)


Day 28.

This is the very spot I’d sit in during my sojourn in Malaga, Spain. Almost every day I would take myself to The Malagueta to sit and watch the sea. After three years of living in London I had a craving to be close to a sea or an ocean and feed the craving I did.

The openness, the expanse of sky and the murmuring motion of the sea quells a deep hunger in me. I find it provides answers to the questions that lie beyond my conscious mind and hears that which what I am struggling to hear myself.

I’ve always lived within walking distance of the sea. I can’t imagine ever not doing so. For me it is the great provider.

This drawing I made to capture my spot, my resting place. Drawing a place helps to fix it in the mind it brings one closer to the experience and fortifies the memory. The act of recording  a place reminds me of my past self and brings me closer to understanding my actions which at the time were somewhat mysterious. In making a record of my experience either in a written or visual means I tie together the links and my see the pattern of myself emerge.


2 thoughts on “Playa de la Malagueta. (Pencils)

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