Blue Cat (Ceramic)


Day 29.

This fella is an example of the traditional craft of hand built ceramics.

The body is a simple pot made using the coil technique. A very basic method for making pots or bowls in clay by hand. First I cut out a disc for the base. Next I  rolled out numerous coils of clay in roughly the same length getting  larger towards the bottom and shorter at the neck to create the shape. The coils are stacked roughly one above the other and secured together by cross hatching both sides of the join and using  slip, a mixture of wet clay as a seal.

When all the coils had been added and sealed I smoothed the surface to hide the coils and made the decorative swirls also using the coil technique. I texturised the body with tiny holes before adding the decorative swirls. Cross hatching was again used to apply them to the body.

The head involved careful measuring to ensure it fit securely inside the neck opening. I built it by modelling a ball shape first and then moulded it into into a cat face all the while making sure that the neck would fit comfortably inside the opening at the top. I drew on the features and cut out the eyes when the clay was semi hardened. This is similar to making a pumpkin for halloween. Cat features were then added; puffy cheeks, heart- shaped nose and some lines drawn on for whiskers.

The body and head were fired in the kiln and then fired again once glazed.

I choose a distinctive blue and I think he wears it so well.


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