Rude Awakening (Pastels)


Day 33.

One third of the way there. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with myself!

Thirty three entries in succession featuring paintings. collage, drawings in pastels, ink and charcoal and several ceramic sculptures. I am satisfied with how I’ve catalogued my creations and am excited to see how it continues.

Each day I make a choice of what to include based on largely subjective criteria. How I’m feeling on the day. I like to pick a work that complements my frame of mind,something that corresponds to the thoughts and concerns and reflects the flavour of my current experience.

I’ve included to date a couple of short sequences of works for example there is a succession of posts from my London days  and I started out with a selection of my ceramic work. This allows me to prepare a  little in advance whereby I can sit with the selection and conceive ideas for the words to accompany the images.

Other days are purely spontaneous and I write whatever what comes to mind.

Todays entry is an imaginative composition in pastels. It features bold primary colours, nature motifs and other more abstract forms in a sort of patch work framework.

It is a small scale work, I used an A5 sketch pad and is displayed here in a lovely box frame.


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