Leg study. (Pastel)


Day 36.

Since yesterday’s post was about life painting I will continue the theme in today’s entry. This is a study of my legs.

It is s a difficult thing to draw one’s own body. Purely from a practical perspective it involves some manoeuvring as one portion of the body needs to remain as still as possible and another is constantly shifting its position to some degree.

So seated I believe on my bed I had a crack at it. It was I guess a twenty minute study or thereabouts. I’d been attending some life drawing sessions for a while and was keen to practice what I’d been learning.

I like the result as it quite loose and free and I also like the choice of materials. Pastels achieve a nice textured effect on this type of cartridge paper.

Life drawing I find very difficult it involves making definite choices,  using definite lines which I always find difficult. The brain has to do a very complicated task of translating a third dimensional object into one with only two. Just thinking about that is taxing.

But life drawing is about more than technical accuracy which I take great comfort in.


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