We’re not lonely (pencil and felt pen)


Day 37.

Besides lounging about on the Malagueta beach I spent a fair few hours of my time in Malaga at the wonderful Centre for Contemporary Art.  It is a truly marvellous facility hosting an excellent permanent collection of work. I particularly liked many of the photographic installations. And get this people, it is free to visit.

I also got to see a terrific visiting exhibition by renowned Russian performance artist Maria Abramovich. Largely autobiographical in subject matter the show featured challenging material a series of violent images of the artist inflicting pain on herself were that were taken from an earlier performance work. in contrast to these I recall lying on a massage type bed that had a large crystal below it  wearing  headphones as part of a sensory deprivation installation. It was a surprisingly calming and experience.

The space is very attractive. A large rectangular space subdivided  loosely into sections creating a natural flow to the visitors experience. The vast white bunker provides a perfect backdrop to an eclectic collection of mid to late twentieth century featuring both spanish and INternational artists.  A vast range of stimulating works ranging from the Kitsch to the political. Very experiential collection featuring large scale sculptures, musical installations and video works that provoke both mind and body.

The drawing I have included today was done in the lovely cafe on a sunday afternoon. There was a poster featuring the scene and I was much charmed and moved by it. It struck me as incredibly peaceful and spoke to me of the purity and innocence of animals.

The exquisite egoless creatures living out their lives guilelessly and in perfect simplicity. It describes how harmonious nature is.

There is a sense of intimacy and togetherness in the image. Alone in the stillness of the night. To me the atmosphere of silence and the water reflect  a sacred quality to the act of coupling. It is a touching depiction of nature and it makes me smile.


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