Javier (Pencil)


Day 38.

My inspiration often comes from my daily life. Be it the view I look out onto or the books and films on my bedside table. What lies in front of me basically.  Books are so immersive I feel sometimes as if I am in a relationship when deeply engrossed in a novel or biography. I often forget that the material was only read and not exchanged in person and often feel compelled to return to the “conversation” with someone in my life only to then realise that the massive compelling subject that felt so lived came from the pages of a book. At times my experiences with books feel more real than my personal relationships in the sense that I become so captivated propelled to discuss, inhabited by them. They follow me in sleep into my dreams.

I’m an introvert. I also have a sort of empathy for inanimate objects. I speak to them and care for them like pets if they are particularly important to me. With books I love and have felt bonded to I often draw the cover or the author photo. It fastens the bond and the memories of the time spent in company of the book become sharper and more identifiable in time. The experience is expanded . Perhaps its covetous. Reading Herman Hesse‘s If The War goes on was followed with a ink drawing of the great writer.

This is a drawing from a DVD cover. In this instance it was more the striking image of the actor’s face that led me to sketch it. Studying a face from a photograph is an intimate action. In following the shapes contours and expression so closely with hand and eye a sense of empathy and understanding is transferred. I’ve noticed it on a few occasions at least.


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