Untitled (Oil Pastel)


Day 39.

This is an imaginative composition I created in London during one of my bursts of productivity. It is an oil pastel work which is a preferred medium of mine to work in.

I like it. It speaks to me. I am surprised by it. I didn’t know that this was inside me. It has a fairy tale quality to it.

I am a  big fan of outsider art. In many ways I identify with the term and I admire very much some of the artists that fall under the heading. One of the the things that I love more than anything is children’s’ art and outsider art shares a lot of with the art of children.

I have had some training but the art that comes straight from my imagination is raw and untutored. It comes from a young place. It feels like play when I am really involved in the motion of marking material to paper. I like to get quite physical with it. I enjoy mashing and scraping the pastel and watching the effects it creates. It reminds me of those drawings in school where black crayon was put on over multi coloured surface and scraped away to reveal the colours beneath. A sort of magic etching.


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