The Boy with a Secret (Pencil)


Day 43.

This is a page from my journal from last year, 2014. I have kept a journal since I was fourteen years old. In my closet I have nearly all of them in a suitcase. I filled my first one but for many years after that the entries were sporadic resulting in an accumulation of empty copy books empty but for a few pages of fevered chest clearing.

At a much later date I developed the habit of completing a full journal. The entries would not be made daily but the sense of having completed the pages with my words and thoughts was gratifying. A form  of hard evidence that I had existed for the preceding year or whatever span it covered.

Julia Cameron’s (author of The Artist’s Way) morning pages idea was incorporated into my habit around 2006 and later I began to work on the entires as pieces of writing developing a critical eye for my means of expressing my thoughts.

The content I tried to let flow freely while I paid attention to the voice or style in which I expressed myself.

Many of the journals include drawings, sketches and even diagrams.

This pencil study is from the cover of book that I came across in the magical bookstore I frequented in Malaga. On many occasions it yielded up strange synchronistic texts.


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