Imaginary friend (Biro)


Day 46.

More birds. It is so evidently a big theme for me.

This is a drawing I did after seeing the shape in a patch of dirt on the pavement. It appeared as clear as day to me, the shape and form of a young chick. The more I looked the more I saw. It filled out until I could no longer see anything but a bird.

It feels to me as if my eye drew it. My eye created the image which brings into question the nature of perception. I do it a lot. I see images, patterns everywhere. Drops on the window, folds in the bedding.

It is evidence of an active imagination and I know I get it from my Mom. The world is characteristically more open to interpretation when the mind is shifting between right and left brains vis a vis my ocular sense.

It makes for less dull moments.


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