Figure in repose (Ceramic)


Day 47.

There are a few things I’ve done that I am wholly satisfied with and this piece is one of them. This and a couple of other things I feel I wouldn’t do differently, and have no reservations about. I feel pride enough to think that no matter when in the future if they were dug up or discovered that me or whatever if anything exists of me at the date I’d still feel the same.

It is a nice feeling to have.

I made this about ten years ago. I was having a rough time and going to the the studio on the winter evenings helped to keep me going. I don’t recall my thoughts while I worked on it it was more a case of to just keep doing it, the action became the thinking if that makes any sense.

The project absorbed  a great deal of the stress and anguish that I was in at the time. It went into the material through my hands and with work and the continuos showing up each week a form was made.

It was as if I was not doing the making but rather it was being made through me. An  alchemical process. Matter transformed with mystery. I was hugely surprised with the finished result. I had definitely worked hard on it but not in the way I had previously understood.


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