Goat Skull Study (Felt tip)


Day 48.

A few days ago I sensed the winter coming in. I made a post around that time in tribute to the starlings that migrate north in summer hoping for their safe return to Irishtown and to the wires that criss cross my pretty street.

On Sunday afternoon a friend and I, on completing our sunday stroll by the sea said our goodbyes at my door when I heard the familiar baby babbling noises of the first returned flock.There they were a merry bunch huddled together on the pole outside my neighbour’s door. Full of chatter, feathers rustling with excitement in sharing tales of their adventures.

My call had been answered! My heart soared and and my step lightened. Yes winter was on the way but my friends were home and would be there to get me through the darkening months.

I felt greatly attuned to nature at the point. I was tickled by how closely I’d called their return. My instincts are perhaps keener than I knew.

And so the cycle continues.


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