Suckling twins. (pencil)


Day 50.

The following is a short piece I wrote after making this drawing.

I have been giving some thought to this idea of the word being made flesh. I first read of it in Henry Miller’s essay on Balzac and just recently again it came up in Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as young man.

Slowly I am starting to experience its meaning through my living. How an idea, a thought becomes something else something greater through a process of synthesis.

Through action an idea gains a life, it takes hold and becomes in itself a force of life. This morning for example my reading and thought lines of the past few days led me to make a drawing from a photograph in Jung’s Book Man and his symbols. A photo of a medieval sculpture of the twins Romylus and Remus suckling the wolf. It had affected me strongly when I first saw it and it occurred to me that I might make a sculpture of it. Today that thought was moved into action and in fusing with the action a great many other thoughts were born and notions that had been forming in my subconscious broke forth into my conscious mind.
The action, the living movement of making the drawing at that precise time is along the lines of what word becomes flesh mean for me.

It brought to life memories of the day I watched an American Werewolf in London and of the transfiguring effect that it had on me. I remember it clearly as a sacred personal encounter with art and its extraordinary power. It was raining that day and I was home from work with a massive chest infection.

The film in many ways mirrored a huge personal transformation I was in the grip of at the time. The night prior to watching the film I had been in a profoundly altered state from fever and in that state I experienced myself as a wolf.


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