Francis Bacon (Pencil)


Day 51.

This drawing of the artist Francis Bacon in pencil is a study of a black and white photograph of the artist. It was the result of seriously intense concentration. It was a case of mapping out the dark shapes and plotting them on the page at times forgetting altogether that it was a face I was drawing.

It involved much measurement and cross checking from all angles to put the picture together. I don’t draw grids but use my pencil when I need to measure and keep track of distances. The grid is too mathematical. I want my hand and eye to be in the work as much as possible while striving for accuracy and likeness through paying strict attention to the relationship between the shaded areas.

It is abstract to work in this way because the face is dismantled into areas of light and shade and then restructured according to the placement of areas of varying degrees of darkness. It felt quite surreal when the features appeared and as they did I could get a real sense of being behind the face.


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