An Pheacog (Biro and felt pens)


Day 61.

This is one of my work drawings. A product of doodling on the job. Whatever gets me through.

This one was done during my stint in The Oxfam book store in Crouch End, London.

It was a slow day and I was at the till. My mind was alive and alert and needed a channel beyond the circumstances. So I harnessed the energy into a drawing.

Nice and swift and it helped my frustration a great deal.

The trapped feelings that so often accompany my experience of work which involved navigating a path through physical inactivity, the predictable routine of tedious tasks and conversations and the banality and artifice of the environment.  All the wrong ingredients for and INTP like myself. Stifling and dispiriting at the best of times so it helps to have some class of a release button.


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