Leg Study. (Pencil)


Day 63.

Study of my legs in pencil. Looking happens at many levels. I look at my legs every day, many times a day. I look at them in many ways; to see their health, any changes, how they are ageing, how tidy they are, to admire them etc. None of this type of looking helps me when it comes to drawing them.

A new brain is called for to demonstrate the legs I see daily represented in line and  through shading on paper. That brain requires hours of practice in new looking  and the habit of drawing from life can turn the old looking into a habit of looking as drawing. So that my daily looking at my own form or any other body can become a observationally instructive for life drawing purposes.

Often I’m lazy and I just want to take in necessary information of the moment but I know its possible.

It is a complex muscle to develop. I find it taxing and my progress is frustratingly slow but I do see progress. I don’t practice enough or with any regularity so my attempts are sometimes a struggle.

It is wonderful that drawing can tell us so much about how we see and how much more it is possible for us to see.


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