Study from film still. (Pencil)


Day 64.

Masks and the theatre of being.

Do we wear masks for ourselves or for others? To shield or to project? To comfort ourselves or to ease the passage of our presence for those we meet? I am mystified by the idea. My face hides little and never has done.

I don’t understand the game. I am me,  you be you. What could be simpler?

If it is a game that is different. In a game I would expect to have a framework, points of entry, rules etc., known parameters. Like fencing. The game ends and the mask is removed.

But in daily human engagement the wearing of masks is confusing, disorienting and alienating.

Confusing as I don’t know why

Disorienting as I don’t know where I am

Alienating as I don’t know the what I am supposed to be.

I recall working in for a short period in a big high street retailer in London. After a few weeks I noticed my face falling into a forced mask like smile. It pained me to observe it happening as it did naturally. I knew it was time to get out.

My lair is my mask.

This drawing was done from a still of the Bergman film Persona.


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