Cover Girl (Charcoal)


Day 66.

This old smudge was done a long time ago.

Faces are codes. Editors know this.

Cindy Crawford’s face I have always thought is like a Coca Cola logo. Its effectiveness. Its imprint hits our brain in the same way. The soft  appealing curves of the familiar acceptable beauty, bold yet positive lines. To our brains it acts as a symbol. Marketeers know this. We make hundreds of associations with it.

Kate Moss too.

Her face is a badge as familiar to us the Facebook icon and as easily readable.

Open wide-eyed and angular like a hook to hang our dreams on. After twenty years it continues to serve. Cool, aloof unchanging and just this sufficient expression allows for a million projections in the eyes of readers and viewers.

The captivating pull of a certain set of features arranged artfully with text and colour


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