Ladies of the Lake (Gouache)


Day 69.

I can’t concentrate. I have three posts to make and all I want to do is binge out on my youtube fixes. I was away for a lovely four day holiday  I extended it from two which meant I’d miss two days on my blog which I’m now attempting to redress.

It would be a hell of a lot easier if I would turn off the music but I’m drunk on Beyonce’s Drunk in Love song. This is the last time Suzie.

I left Dublin on Thursday. I took the bus up north west to Derry. As I’m a committed Luddite with a fetish for out dated Nokia 2G phones that I drop consistently my coverage died just beyond the pale leaving me totally off grid for four full days.

Not a peep or a murmur did my phone make for my entire holiday. It sat in my pocket and served as a timepiece and that made it so much more the holiday.

My brain hasn’t composed a text nor did my fingers hit a key for four full days and the blissful absence of such tasklike preoccupations expanded into a fuller freer experience of  doing damn all.

Its a fine art doing absolutely nothing but it is also a gift that will give and give.


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