My Pet Goat (Polystyrene)


Day 72.

One of my treasures is this fellow. I feel a great affinity and empathy for this particular object. It is almost  as if it were a living creature. I sense it has feelings and whats more I sense it feels mine.

That may seem bizarre to most people but bizarre is highly subjective.

It is a found object. I picked it up off the street. It spoke to me. The form, its readiness the art of chance all came together in its presentation before me and I continued its manifestation by taking it into my home and into myself.

I attribute significance to items largely due to how I came by them. The circumstances and the story of how things and I meet greatly adds to their import. It fuels the memory and fuses an attachment especially there is an element of spheres colliding.

People speak this way about romantic love planets being aligned and other cosmic metaphors. In applying such notions to material things I am extending the concept of romantic love into more of my life. Thats partly how I see it or perhaps not exactly.

Creation is a mysterious process. The making or coming into being of all things involves magic and an element of the unknown. Matter and anti-matter. We play our part and the the rest is done. Both forces are equally valuable and without either there is nothing.


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