One and Many (Felt pen)


Day 75.

Playing around with illustration of faces working on head structure trying to get the underneath right things like jaws and brows and cheek bones and the subtlety of lines and curves that make heads such complex three dimensional forms.

Lines sloping away in all directions different from every angle. Using geometric shapes as basic blocks is helpful in building a foundation for the face. I find it enables me to visualise the face and head as a series of planes and not just a mask with hair.

Cubism took it to the extreme but to even examine their work is helpful in appropriating everyday objects including human beings as three dimensional forms in space.

With this drawing I was trying to get away from the outline mentality of drawing. Building blocks constructing up down, left and right to add depth of form.

The skull and the head is such an extraordinary structure. So incredible that our minds ignore and simplify to easily computable visual elements. The reality is too startling and complex that without training in observation we are often only capable of seeing what  a very young eye sees, the obvious features stuck onto a surface of coloured skin decorated with some hair.

Drawing is a fun way to deconstruct ourselves into seeing  a more complete whole.


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