The Human Jukebox (Video)

This is something that came out of me in 2013.

2013 began with the following prounoucement in The Sunday Times Style magazine:


It had a ring of prophetic truth to it. Being the slippery fish that I am I took heed of the words. I engineered a road trip through the United States. Something I’d been sitting on since my teens.

I talked my Cousin David into partaking in the venture. The doing of it all unlocked some sort of secret. The realisation that I was making possible something unimaginably cool just by taking steps was almost unnerving. If this was possible then what?

When I asked him initially I was trying out the idea. Could I do something so wild and fun just for the sheer longing of doing it? I sensed it could.  Next the question whether I was ready to do try ?  Sure as hell I was.

The plan was to meet in New York. Hire a car there and drive it down to New Orleans where we would hang out for a week or so. The car was to be despatched once we hit our destination and both of us had our return flights booked to fly out of New Orleans within hours of each other.

Besides that very little else was planned

The route we opted for took us south west through Virginia, down into the deep south into Tenessee, then Mississippi and finally into Lousiana and New Orleans.

We made four stops and took six days to make the trip.

Our first two stops were motorway stops in Virginia. Longer stops were made in Nashville and in Memphis.

At the time of inception it occurred to me to make a video record of the adventure. It seemed important.


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