The Why

To break a  cycle of procrastination I’m starting a new project. For one hundred days my plan is to record and share one piece of work that I made here on this blog each day. There are several reasons for doing this besides the one I opened with. It will serve as a transition from my other blog Suzieperon’s blog which is largely style based into another of my pursuits creating art. Also the simplicity of the project provides structure and allows for a much needed stint of disciplined doing. It will also serve as a portfolio as that too is something that needs tending to.

The idea came to me yesterday and it reminded me of my favourite children’s book Benjamin’s 365 Birthdays. in which the eponymous Benjamin endeavours to recreate the feelings of excitement enjoyed in the act of receiving by rewrapping his presents one by one in the days following his party. His attempt to eliminate the emptiness that comes in the wake of indulgence takes on grand proportions and I’d argue he manages to transcend his nihilism by taking action. It is just one bear’s answer to the problem but it spoke to me on a very deep level.

One hundred days is the goal which will bring me up to end September should I adhere which is another reason for the undertaking for it is also my intention to develop the muscle involved in finishing a project here.


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