Conjunction marks balancing point between the forces of the Anima (Soul) on the alchemist’s right side to the forces of the Spiritus (Spirit) on the alchemist’s left side

My painting titled Conjunction is currently on show at The Model in Sligo as part of The Cairde Arts Festival. I am delighted to be included in such a terrific exhibition and recommend all art lovers to go and see it.




Cold Eye

“Cast a cold eye on life and think of me as you pass by”

An exhibition of my artworks is currently on show at my studio in Dublin, Ireland. The opening was on 13th June and it was a terrific success resulting in numerous sales. It will run until the end of August  2019. For viewings or enquiries please use the contact form here.


Modern Primitive


I like my art. I love the feeling I get when my creation reflects and speaks back to me that which I need to hear. It is mysterious and wondrous and words have little place in the process. It is fuel for me to see myself reformed on paper or on canvas and I keep going.

It seems sometimes that I am the main appreciator of my art which could create despondency if I let it.

Instead I continue the magic by breathing life into them and the favour is always returned

Mixed media.


Series or Obsession

IMG_2990IMG_2988IMG_2362IMG_2334DSC00399DSC00398A selection of studies and variations in many media inspired by a Ewart Johns painting that I was lucky enough to buy and now own. His painting is titled “Barbara lying on a coloured blanket”. I have posted several of these works individually on this blog before but I decided to feature them as a series to see how they view collectively.

The painting by Ewart Johns hangs on the wall of my bedroom and from there it has travelled into my depths.