The End Is The Beginning


New works on paper. Series entitled End Times.

Mixed media on black paper.


Seated Figure


New painting. On the blackest of Wednesday’s my computer crashed and my heart and soul were tempted to go down with it. Instead I took pencil, paint and crayon to canvas and created this. A day and much more was salvaged in the doing. Inspired by the work of that great Austrian Master Egon Schiele.

Teapot With Bluebells



I like to make myself at home wherever I go. Tea drinking is a big part of that. Improvisation is often involved.

Workshop participant A.

Where is the teapot?

Workshop participant B.

She is painting it .

It was a very pretty teapot. Crying out to be painted. I should have waited for it to be emptied perhaps but none of that matters now.

New Paintings in acrylic.

IMG_2270IMG_2268 2

Two new works I created this afternoon.  A5 paper, medium acrylic.

While I was painting it suddenly dawned on me that I am reaching the place where I no longer feel the need to justify or explain my lifestyle as I have almost always done in the past. It is good to be here finally.