Untitled (Acrylic)


Day 87.

Currently rereading Henry Miller’s Tropic of Capricorn. I read it once before over a year ago and see that I have underlined more passages than I have done in any school text.

The passages that struck me then as particularly resonant are today even more so. I’m grateful to have made indications to such passages as I know they are they’re readily accessible to me whenever the need for sustenance arises.

On the pursuit of gaining an understanding of himself he says

I couldn’t afford to leave things hanging in suspense that way- the mystery was too intriguing. Even if I had to rub myself like a cat against every human being I encountered, I was going to get to the bottom of it. Rub long enough and hard enough and the spark will come

The painting is a new work in acrylic.

Horae. (Acryllic)


Day 80.

Everything is its opposite. Autumn holds within it the Spring time.

Spring sprouts, Autumn sheds. A timely dance of beckoning and yielding.

One harks of the other, its gestures mirroring in reverse

A two step across the hemispheres.

An interpretation of Fresco of Flora, goddess of flowers and Spring. Her sprightly step and flowing skirts are a reminder of the circular nature time and its abundant glories.

Child (Gouache)


Day 74.

I’m overloaded. My head is so full of ideas and thoughts that it has gone silent.

Art is a great counterpoint to writing for this reason. Even the act of looking at works of art stills and centres the busied mind. The shift to the other brain creates harmony and has a re calibrating effect.

Simply put it feels really good to contemplate images, forms patterns and relationships abstractly like underground life forms or the moving pictures behind the eyelids when not in sleep. It feels like breathing deeply a form of meditation in a sense. Mostly it brings us into our childlike selves without which we cannot be adults.

Moving between the two I find keeps both oiled and fuses the potential for growth in each.

This is a painting I made in 1997.