Small scale pastel paintings cont’d.


Part of the series of A5 pastels created in 2016.


Hidden Door (Chalk pastel)


Day 52.

The hidden door houses a store of essentials unknown to us until the time we need them most. At that moment  the door appears magically and yields to us a treasure that eluded us until now.  In grasping the gift the door dissolves until we need it again.

Lately I am feeling like a woman of infinite resources but I have many tricks to learn. I’m grateful for the hidden door.

Birdlife (Oil pastel).


Day 45.

As long as there are birds outside I tend to count my blessings. Am looking forward to the starlings returning later in the year. Its a sport I indulge in watching them hop along the telegraph wires just beyond my bedroom window. Swapping positions one up, one down, like they’re making room for each other, A civilised conference and not much hanging about.

Their song is a sweet substitute for the lack of sun in the morning.