Butter Me Up


Introducing my new friend the butternut squash. A stunning vegetable that I have been admiring as one has appeared lately in my fruit bowl.

It has fascinated me for several days with its exquisite curves and woodlike shell. The only sane thing to do was make art of it. It is art in itself but I wanted to be a part of it and now I am.

Inspired also by Woody Allen’s affection for Cezanne’s Apples and Pears as stated in his Masterpiece Manhattan.

Soft Pastels on Black Paper.



Hidden Door (Chalk pastel)


Day 52.

The hidden door houses a store of essentials unknown to us until the time we need them most. At that moment  the door appears magically and yields to us a treasure that eluded us until now.  In grasping the gift the door dissolves until we need it again.

Lately I am feeling like a woman of infinite resources but I have many tricks to learn. I’m grateful for the hidden door.

Birdlife (Oil pastel).


Day 45.

As long as there are birds outside I tend to count my blessings. Am looking forward to the starlings returning later in the year. Its a sport I indulge in watching them hop along the telegraph wires just beyond my bedroom window. Swapping positions one up, one down, like they’re making room for each other, A civilised conference and not much hanging about.

Their song is a sweet substitute for the lack of sun in the morning.