Cover Girl (Charcoal)


Day 66.

This old smudge was done a long time ago.

Faces are codes. Editors know this.

Cindy Crawford’s face I have always thought is like a Coca Cola logo. Its effectiveness. Its imprint hits our brain in the same way. The soft  appealing curves of the familiar acceptable beauty, bold yet positive lines. To our brains it acts as a symbol. Marketeers know this. We make hundreds of associations with it.

Kate Moss too.

Her face is a badge as familiar to us the Facebook icon and as easily readable.

Open wide-eyed and angular like a hook to hang our dreams on. After twenty years it continues to serve. Cool, aloof unchanging and just this sufficient expression allows for a million projections in the eyes of readers and viewers.

The captivating pull of a certain set of features arranged artfully with text and colour

Wolf Studies (charcoal and pastel)


Day 7.

More animals. These are just some rough sketches I made of a wolf. I was interested in studying the basic shapes and forms that make a wolf, looking at it from various angles and actions. I used images from the internet to get a very basic idea. It is more of an impression than a study . The decision to add the moon and some blue was an after thought . It is a very rough bunch of sketches but it has some energy to it.

I hope it to use it to work from at a later date as I like the subject of the wolf for some of the following reasons they are mysterious, nocturnal and they have a strong association with the moon. When I think of it I will attempt more detailed sketches to familiarise myself better with the anatomy of this wondrous beast.

As you can see It is a messy sketch  full of smudges. I find it hard to keep my drawings clean and even more so with charcoal as it requires some care and precision which I have yet to master. I will make a point to practice in charcoal to improve my handling of it hopefully in the coming days.

Real Tears (Pastel)

IMG_0007   Day 6.

Today’s choice is another drawing in pastels. It was done during the same period as the previous entry Seagull while I was living in a tiny studio in Highgate, north London.I guess I would describe it as an imaginative composition.

I created this simple composition using strong bold colours with the use of black as an outline to create a dramatic effect. The white of the page contributes a lot to the overall impact of the colour arrangement. It features animal motifs with a surrealist quality e.g. crying parrot and a blue cat . The cat escaping to the foreground appears light and mischievous in contrast to the despair of the parrot. Perhaps it is a subconscious representation of different aspects of my psyche.

I am a huge fan of Paul Klee and Marc Chagall and would be greatly inspired by their works. I see a beautiful folk quality in both their painting although they differ greatly.  Animals feature a great deal in all my artistic endeavours . I feel kinship with the unspeaking creatures.  I like the mythical qualities that animals can represent in art and I attribute great significance to my dreams. This was quite an instinctual work done with out planning or any preconceived ideas.

This is only a section of the entire work but I think it works very nicely reduced to these two elements. Of my own work is  is one of my favourites.I didn’t overwork it. It is sharp and simple and I see harmony in both the form and colours used.