Come Away (Felt pen)


Day 59.

Been thinking about all this sharing I’m doing here and am beginning to have some mixed feelings about it. Maybe I’m over stretching myself. Perhaps a hundred was too ambitious… Perhaps I don’t want to share as much as I thought I did. Perhaps it is merely the over the hump stage of hesitation and doubts causing me to reflect on what my objectives and needs are now and if they have changed since I began this project almost two months ago.

I am not too concerned and will be guided by my instincts as they rarely let me down, Irish selkie child that I am.

Thanks for reading.

Birdlife (Oil pastel).


Day 45.

As long as there are birds outside I tend to count my blessings. Am looking forward to the starlings returning later in the year. Its a sport I indulge in watching them hop along the telegraph wires just beyond my bedroom window. Swapping positions one up, one down, like they’re making room for each other, A civilised conference and not much hanging about.

Their song is a sweet substitute for the lack of sun in the morning.