The Rising (Soft pastel)


Day 90.

Ten days to go to complete my project.

Looking at this artwork that I made recently reminds of reading The Chronicles of Narnia as a young girl. The link between it and the wondrous CS Lewis books is somewhat obvious in that there is an allegorical quality to both the drawing and to those wonderful stories which I never really understood but felt captivated by none the less.

I had no interest in reading any other fantasy tales nor have I since which makes me wonder what it was about the books that enraptured me.

Whatever it was I know it still exists in me. I’d call it an attunement.


Untitled (Acrylic)


Day 87.

Currently rereading Henry Miller’s Tropic of Capricorn. I read it once before over a year ago and see that I have underlined more passages than I have done in any school text.

The passages that struck me then as particularly resonant are today even more so. I’m grateful to have made indications to such passages as I know they are they’re readily accessible to me whenever the need for sustenance arises.

On the pursuit of gaining an understanding of himself he says

I couldn’t afford to leave things hanging in suspense that way- the mystery was too intriguing. Even if I had to rub myself like a cat against every human being I encountered, I was going to get to the bottom of it. Rub long enough and hard enough and the spark will come

The painting is a new work in acrylic.

The Boy with a Secret (Pencil)


Day 43.

This is a page from my journal from last year, 2014. I have kept a journal since I was fourteen years old. In my closet I have nearly all of them in a suitcase. I filled my first one but for many years after that the entries were sporadic resulting in an accumulation of empty copy books empty but for a few pages of fevered chest clearing.

At a much later date I developed the habit of completing a full journal. The entries would not be made daily but the sense of having completed the pages with my words and thoughts was gratifying. A form  of hard evidence that I had existed for the preceding year or whatever span it covered.

Julia Cameron’s (author of The Artist’s Way)¬†morning pages idea was incorporated into my habit around 2006 and later I began to work on the entires as pieces of writing developing a critical eye for my means of expressing my thoughts.

The content I tried to let flow freely while I paid attention to the voice or style in which I expressed myself.

Many of the journals include drawings, sketches and even diagrams.

This pencil study is from the cover of book that I came across in the magical bookstore I frequented in Malaga. On many occasions it yielded up strange synchronistic texts.