The Rebel (Biro)


Day 99.

I sense the beginning of a new obsession coming on with this Artist.

You walk through a series of arches, so to speak, and then, presently, at the end of a corridor, a door opens and you see backward through time, and you feel the flow of time, and realize you are only part of a great nameless procession.

John Huston

Postcard to myself (Pencil)


Day 82.

Sketches of Spain.

Postcards that got written only to languish on the fridge door

Awaiting what, divine intervention?

Full of best intentions until the steam runs out.

You’re missed!

You’re thought of!

Pangs of distance muted in the echo chamber message side.

More fodder for the procrastinators volumes.

Wish you were here, you get the drift

Probably not or subconscious telepathy I underestimate.

Goat Skull Study (Felt tip)


Day 48.

A few days ago I sensed the winter coming in. I made a post around that time in tribute to the starlings that migrate north in summer hoping for their safe return to Irishtown and to the wires that criss cross my pretty street.

On Sunday afternoon a friend and I, on completing our sunday stroll by the sea said our goodbyes at my door when I heard the familiar baby babbling noises of the first returned flock.There they were a merry bunch huddled together on the pole outside my neighbour’s door. Full of chatter, feathers rustling with excitement in sharing tales of their adventures.

My call had been answered! My heart soared and and my step lightened. Yes winter was on the way but my friends were home and would be there to get me through the darkening months.

I felt greatly attuned to nature at the point. I was tickled by how closely I’d called their return. My instincts are perhaps keener than I knew.

And so the cycle continues.

We’re not lonely (pencil and felt pen)


Day 37.

Besides lounging about on the Malagueta beach I spent a fair few hours of my time in Malaga at the wonderful Centre for Contemporary Art.  It is a truly marvellous facility hosting an excellent permanent collection of work. I particularly liked many of the photographic installations. And get this people, it is free to visit.

I also got to see a terrific visiting exhibition by renowned Russian performance artist Maria Abramovich. Largely autobiographical in subject matter the show featured challenging material a series of violent images of the artist inflicting pain on herself were that were taken from an earlier performance work. in contrast to these I recall lying on a massage type bed that had a large crystal below it  wearing  headphones as part of a sensory deprivation installation. It was a surprisingly calming and experience.

The space is very attractive. A large rectangular space subdivided  loosely into sections creating a natural flow to the visitors experience. The vast white bunker provides a perfect backdrop to an eclectic collection of mid to late twentieth century featuring both spanish and INternational artists.  A vast range of stimulating works ranging from the Kitsch to the political. Very experiential collection featuring large scale sculptures, musical installations and video works that provoke both mind and body.

The drawing I have included today was done in the lovely cafe on a sunday afternoon. There was a poster featuring the scene and I was much charmed and moved by it. It struck me as incredibly peaceful and spoke to me of the purity and innocence of animals.

The exquisite egoless creatures living out their lives guilelessly and in perfect simplicity. It describes how harmonious nature is.

There is a sense of intimacy and togetherness in the image. Alone in the stillness of the night. To me the atmosphere of silence and the water reflect  a sacred quality to the act of coupling. It is a touching depiction of nature and it makes me smile.

Hermann Hesse (Pen)


Day 31.

Ink drawing of the German born Swiss writer Hermann Hesse.

The drawing is done from a photograph on the cover of his book If The war Goes On which I was reading at the time I made the drawing.

I admire the writer a great deal. I have read several of his book and was profoundly moved by the novel Rosshalde.

“Light the Christmas candles for your children! Let them sing carols! But don’t delude yourselves, don’t content yourselves year after year with the shabby, pathetic, sentimental feeling you have when you celebrate your holidays! Demand more of yourselves! Love and joy and the mysterious thing we call “happiness” are not over here or over there, they are only “within yourselves.”

Hermann HesseIf The War Goes On: Reflections On War And Politics