Untitled (Acrylic)


Day 87.

Currently rereading Henry Miller’s Tropic of Capricorn. I read it once before over a year ago and see that I have underlined more passages than I have done in any school text.

The passages that struck me then as particularly resonant are today even more so. I’m grateful to have made indications to such passages as I know they are they’re readily accessible to me whenever the need for sustenance arises.

On the pursuit of gaining an understanding of himself he says

I couldn’t afford to leave things hanging in suspense that way- the mystery was too intriguing. Even if I had to rub myself like a cat against every human being I encountered, I was going to get to the bottom of it. Rub long enough and hard enough and the spark will come

The painting is a new work in acrylic.

Horae. (Acryllic)


Day 80.

Everything is its opposite. Autumn holds within it the Spring time.

Spring sprouts, Autumn sheds. A timely dance of beckoning and yielding.

One harks of the other, its gestures mirroring in reverse

A two step across the hemispheres.

An interpretation of Fresco of Flora, goddess of flowers and Spring. Her sprightly step and flowing skirts are a reminder of the circular nature time and its abundant glories.