Series or Obsession

IMG_2990IMG_2988IMG_2362IMG_2334DSC00399DSC00398A selection of studies and variations in many media inspired by a Ewart Johns painting that I was lucky enough to buy and now own. His painting is titled “Barbara lying on a coloured blanket”. I have posted several of these works individually on this blog before but I decided to feature them as a series to see how they view collectively.

The painting by Ewart Johns hangs on the wall of my bedroom and from there it has travelled into my depths.



Teapot With Bluebells



I like to make myself at home wherever I go. Tea drinking is a big part of that. Improvisation is often involved.

Workshop participant A.

Where is the teapot?

Workshop participant B.

She is painting it .

It was a very pretty teapot. Crying out to be painted. I should have waited for it to be emptied perhaps but none of that matters now.

New Painting. Title: I need to tell you something. 

I need to ask you something

Acrylic and oil pastels on pastel cartridge paper.

I am always interested in exploring the masculine and feminine principles and looking at the dualistic aspect of life and identity.  How the unconscious unformed self and the boxy conscious rational acceptable front confront each other. Partners in a dance where toes get trodden on.